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I am having trouble logging in

Please contact us at info@thehelpnow.org

I cannot see any appointments for a professional close to me

Some of the Help Now providers have limited availability and require a ‘request a booking’  Please contact them directly and or select another professional.  If other professionals do not respond or you need assistance please sms 0406490525

Business/Company Code/Coupon

You will need to have a coupon/code provided from your business / company / association to remove any charge related to an EAP services.  It will then be billed to them.

What information does my employer know about my sessions?

All sessions are confidential and only if there is a mandatory reporting and/or duty of care warnings that come up in the sessions will any content be revealed.  You will be notified before a professional about their indication to notify appropriate authorities

How to book with company/coupon codes