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Rodney has been in the Social Work field in both Australia and the USA for the past 15 years.  Having lived trauma in my history and working a myriad of jobs from pizza cook, coal refinery and more I find that I relate to people in a different way.  I am a strong advocate for people first and breaking down the silos of people getting help.  I am the founder of Help Now Group and this is based solely on the things I have done two to three jobs to keep going in this crazy world.

Looking forward to joining you on your journey!

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  • Disability Access

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AASW Supervision
$ 130.00 / Hr
Social Work Services

Features and Benefits

SASSI-4: Adult Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory-Fourth Edition

SASSI-A2: Adolescent Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory

  • Brief and easy to use assessment of substance abuse

  • Accurate

  • Objective scoring & decision rules

  • Able to detect substance use disorders even in clients who are unwilling or unable to acknowledge substance misuse and symptoms associated with it

Independent Vocational Assessment offer
  • Pick your price
  • This will be a reduced cost service depending on circumstances
$ 650.00
Using industry vetted rules this is a powerful to ensure that you'll get independent review of your capacity indicators
This is strictly for ANU Enterprise employees as within their employment contract.
Accredited Supervision Holiday Special offer
  • Holiday Special
  • Congratulations!  Slots are filling up quick so be sure to book your sessions well in advance in case others conflict.
$ 130.00 1 Hrs
Holiday Professional Development Special!

For a limited time if you commit to your 12 month commitment to Accredited AASW Supervision (that you require for Mental Health Accreditation) we are giving an exclusive holiday deal.

We are giving the first 12 people, 10 sessions at $70 per session a $125 benefit for commitment for 10 months of sessions.

What are the benefits of supervision with me?

  • Technology Implementation / Mentoring

  • Trauma Informed

  • Youth Homelessness Experience

  • Regional Management Experience

  • Occupational Rehabilitation / Workers Comp Leadership Knowledge

  • Family Violence Experience

  • Supervision Training

  • and much much more

The Christmas Special last until 27/2/20.

As per AASW recommendation supervision fees found here

Majority of supervisions will be held before work, after work or during lunch periods and weekends where appropriate.

All supervision will come with a contract, monitoring and review periods to ensure you maximise your potential from our time together.

Use Coupon Code Helper2020, while supplies last!
Help Now EAP
Employee Assistance - (MIEACT) offer
$ 165.00 1 Hrs
This is strictly for use with MIEACT Employees within their employment contract.


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16 Barker Street Griffith
Employee Assistance - (MIEACT)
$165.00 1 hrs
AASW Supervision
Alcohol & Drug Assessment
Independent Vocational Assessment
Employee Assistance (ANU Enterprise)
Accredited Supervision Holiday Special
$130.00 1 hrs
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